Our test equipment calibration and repair service is superior to other calibration labs as we have the ability to repair your test equipment as well as perform calibrations. Here are a few examples of customer feedback regarding their calibrations.

‘Your call is important to us, please hold for the next available agent.’You’ll never hear that at Express Calibration Services. You’ll never get shuffled off to the voicemail jungle.

You will get fast and friendly service at a reasonable price. The choice was easy for Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc. — Bill Gaudet, Quality Control Manager

Recently, you and your wonderful staff did such a fabulous job of testing also some minor repairs (that we missed ) to our Tel-Instruments TIC 49C, that words alone couldn’t do justice. The unit was purchased from Aero Express nearly two years ago, when it came time for recertification, we did have some concerns about shipping across to your USA office, which might put us out of service longer than we were prepared for. But, it was your assurance of a care-full but meticulous inspection and calibration, that we did ship it to your office.On return, we noted the excellent description of repairs also calibration work, not to forget the fast return, is better than we have ever received from Canada. We have several other Tel-Instrument test equipment and other makes, that we look forward in sending to your facility as they come due. Thank you again for the great service on our TIC 49C unit. — Art Tendies, President and Manager, Advance Avionics Aircraft Ltd

This letter is to express our desire to use Express Calibration Services for our need with TIC equipment. When we had a problem with our T49C test, Express Calibration Services resolved it to our satisfaction expeditiously and courteously. We received a follow up call on the service to be sure it was working correctly. — Jerry I. Jeffers, Manager, Air Associates, Inc.
Thanks so much for the quick turnaround cal job on the variable capacitor! We now have confidence in the thing, and I am putting it to work right now, checking out these fuel quantify indicators. Thanks also for the correction table. Again, many thanks for your help, and I expect we’ll be sending other items your way. Nice talking with you, and may your snow abate soon! — Chris Howie, Engineer, Absolute Aviation Services
Just wanted to say thanks for the quick turn around on our AM/FM Signal Generator. I also want to let you know that I have been very impressed with your company and your customer service. You have been very easy to work with. — Ken Wicker, Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services — North America
Express Calibration has always done a fantastic job for us. When we need a quick turn around on certain test equipment, like our RD-301 or DPS-450, Express Calibration goes the extra mile to accommodate us. It has been a pleasure dealing with Express Calibration for our calibrating needs. — Cindy Plackett with Kings Avionics, Inc.
True to their name, Express Calibration Services has provided us with exceptional turnaround times on calibrations and repairs on our test equipment such as the RDX-7708 and the RD-301A. Their terrific customer service has always been quick to respond to our changing requirements. — Wade Drake, Director of Quality Control/Chief Inspector, Millennium International
It is always a great experience working with Express Calibration Services. Due to their customer service skills and ability to get the job done on time, within budget and with excellent quality and turnaround time has been beneficial to our business model. I encourage all my customers to use Express Calibration for all their test equipment calibration requirements. — Mike Lynn, Colt Electronics