Do I need an RMA to my unit for calibration/repair?

The only time you need an RMA# is when you are sending in an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) controlled unit. You must contact us for an RMA# PRIOR to shipment! If your unit is not ITAR controlled, you do not need an RMA#!

How do I obtain a quotation for Calibration Services?
Are expedited services available?

Yes, expedited service is available for an additional fee. Contact us for further information.

I need a 17025/IEC:2017 Accredited Calibration, what is the process?

To confirm that we offer an accredited calibration on your specific piece of equipment, please contact us before sending the unit to us, as special pricing will apply.

Will I be notified if my instrument fails calibration?

Yes, a repair quotation will be sent to you once condition is determined.

What documentation do I receive with each calibration?

You receive a certificate of calibration included in the calibration charge. If you would like “before and after” data, additional charges will apply. Please contact us for further information.

What are Express Calibrations warranty policies?

The warranty on repairs is 90 days on parts and workmanship only the items replaced during the repair of the customers equipment.There is no warranty on calibrations as calibration is a “snapshot” of instrument performance at the time of calibration only.

Will you remind me when my equipment is due for calibration?

We will send you a reminder email.

Do you loan, rent, or sell test equipment?

No, but our sister company, Aero Express, Inc. does. They can be reached at 816-246-4500 or

What if I lose my certificate of calibration?

Contact customer service and they will email, mail, or fax you a copy at no charge.

Does Express Calibration have the ability to repair as well as calibrate my test equipment?

In most cases, we can repair your test set. You will be sent an estimate to complete the repair once we evaluate your unit.